Shark (pizzashark) wrote,

Mufty day

So I noticed a sign on the fingerscan at work that says this coming Thursday (Australia day) is a mufty day... ie. you don't have to wear your work uniform.
But below it it says "Must be dressed in australian theme".

Ok, what the fuck? This puts me in a heavily awkward situation!
I don't own any clothes which even resemble an australian theme, so I'm gonna look like an ass no matter what because if I rock up wearing my work uniform, everyone will think that I wasn't aware of the "mufty day".
Or, if I rock up in just regular clothes, I'll probably get bitched at for not wearing the theme.

So what the fuck should I do?

And no, I'm not going to go buy one of those fuckin "Australia" t-shirts. I'm not chinese!

Why the fuck do they have these shit mufty days anyway? It's not a fuckin school! It's a supermarket! People are there to work, not ass around in casual clothes.
It's so unprofessional, and it also causes the exact problems that I'm having now.
At least with your work uniform, you always know what to wear, and don't have to choose.
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